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DIY Wall Mounted Television & Hidden Cords

Maybe Santa was generous and gave you a flat screen for Christmas, maybe you fought over one WWE style during black Friday….or maybe, just maybe, you are like the other bazillion people who are going to splurge for the Superbowl.
We have hung and hidden cords with four, maybe five tele’s now, and every time it’s a bit easier, less (ahem) arguing and faster.
Our’s has sat like this for a while and every time I look over there the cords drive me nutso. Seriously.
It’s not that hard, really. It just takes patience. And more patience. Reading and re-reading of directions.
Yes, you can have an electrician come over and hang it. Two weeks (maybe) and $250 later, it might be hung.
Or you can do it yourself.
First off, decide how high you need it. Remember, you will be sitting while you are watching it. So don’t aim to have it four inches from the ceiling.
After you know about how high, find your studs. Seriously people…hang your sweet baby from the studs. How many pictures have we all seen when that sucker comes flying off, ripping out sheetrock and crashing to the ground. Tear….
Mark your studs. Then take the wall bracket, find the center of it (mark it), then hold it on the wall and mark where the bolt/molly needs to go through the hole in the bracket.
Then you are going to want to install your wall jack for the cords. And I have two options, both that we have used.
You can buy just the plate cover, with a large opening (some have bristles that cover this, some don’t).
This is a great option if you have multiple devices that you connect to your tele, blue ray, wii, xbox, playstation, dvd, etc. You can feed through a ton of cords. 
The plate cover with HDMI plugs already installed. We opted for this, since there is another tele in the house, all we have is a blue ray and cable box.
Before you start knocking holes in the wall, see where the plugs are on every device and the wall. Our tele did not line up with the wall outlets, etc. We moved it over a tad, and bought longer cords.
Marked our spot behind the tele and down low by the outlet. Make a small hole to thread your HDMI cords through and attach the outlet to the wall.
Now attach the tele bracket to the tele (make sure it is the appropriate size for the tele). 
Making sure NOT to cover the plugs, ahem, as you go.
Little FYI, I would highly recommend using a screwdriver and not a drill.
Check and double check where your studs are. And check again.
Conveniently our studs decided to play peekaboo and we could only hit one. We used a wall molly, again appropriate for the weight, centered, marked off and installed where needed. And maybe a few more.
Have two people attach the tele to the wall bracket, securing it before anyone lets go. for reals.
Plug in all cords…
We have a sound bar the sits below the tele, but has to plug into it. So husband had 3M Double Stick Tape that he uses all the time. Y’all….this stuff stick and holds weight. 
So we ran a strip along the top of the sound bar…

Then zip tie all cords behind the tele (we attached ours loosely to the bracket) and behind your entertainment center if necessary.
And viola, you have yourself a mounted tele.

Just in time for the game…
Or sbsp in our case.
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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07517188509722946531 Shirley Arocho

    Wow! that’s great! I showed my husband and he loves this idea! Thanks for sharing! We have the same problem! WE ARE ON IT! LOL!

    • admin

      Thank you!!

  • http://www.madtownmacs.blogspot.com Charisa

    Looks great!

    • http://twothirtyfivedesigns.com Two Thirty~Five Designs

      Thank you so much!

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  • Risa Avila

    Where is the console table from?

  • camper33

    If your bracket swivels , or otherwise moves , be sure none of the wires gets cut , or even pinched !!!