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DIY Copper Herringbone Side Table & Casual Friday Link Up

This week’s link up features a DIY for the Parade of Homes that I am working on. Casual Friday Link Up is still live, scroll down ;).

So this started out as a seat (as many of the projects for the parade home did), I just didn’t dig it, but I didn’t want to toss it….it was copper for crying out loud.

DIY Copper Herringbone Side Tabel TwoThirtyFiveDesigns.com

So a side table it became.

Patience, some of my favorite tools from Ryobi and one trip to Home Depot and I was good to go.
I started with pretty thick plywood, left over from my Marque letters.

Herringbone Copper Side Table How-To TwoThirtyFiveDesigns.com

Small piece of Plywood – At least 18″ in width and 10″ in height
Three 1/2″ Copper pipes, measuring 24″
Three 1/2″ Copper Caps
Tools: Ryobi Jigsaw and Air Strike

Cut out a triangle. My measurements were 18″ across the base and 9″ up the center. I use my Ryobi Jigsaw, and it has since become my bff. for forever. and ever.
Anywho, I then cut out rectangles, 1 1/2″ across and 3″ tall. I cut out over 20 and kept the corners to fill in spots. Lining up and measuring as I went.
Slide all rectangles off, line up and flip over one by one, nailing in with my Air Strike.
After all is nailed in, run the jigsaw around the edged of the triangle, trimming away excess.
Attach copper caps by running a screw in the middle of the cap.
Dab a bit of E6000 inside the cap, insert copper pipe and let dry for 24 hours.

Topped with a small plant, winner winner chicken dinner.

DIY Copper Herringbone Side Table TwoThirtyFiveDesigns.com Herringbone Copper DIY Side Table TwoThirtyFiveDesignsCopper Herringbone Side Table TwoThirtyFiveDesigns.com DIY Copper Herringbone Sidetable TwoThirtyFiveDesigns.com

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I am making my Casual Friday Pinterest Board an open group board. yesssss.
If you link up here, then you are invited to join us and pin your link there too. It’s all sorts of wins coming in every direction.

It’s quite easy. Make sure you are following me on Pinterest (I can’t add you as a contributor unless you are), comment or email me your Pinterest email and bam…that’s it. You can Pin away!

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BIG thanks to ALL of you who linked up this past week! We had an amazing link up last week!!! Your sweet comments and awesome emails that you continue to send are absolutely amazing!! You sure know how to rock a girls world 😉

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